Mercato, more than just a shopping mall!

Mercato Shopping Mall, DubaiMercato, located on Jumeirah Beach Road, is one of Dubai’s most charismatic and best loved shopping malls because of its individual and unequalled ambience.Although Mercato is essentially a community mall, serving the needs of residents in Jumeirah and surrounding areas, it also attracts tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world every year.

Spanning 643,067 square feet, Mercato is home to over 140 shops and service outlets and prides itself in offering customers a superb variety of international fashion and lifestyle brands, a comprehensive selection of service outlets and a mouth-watering choice of cafes and restaurants.

For fashion lovers, Mercato boasts a great range of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing brands, not to mention accessories, footwear, sunglasses, jewellery and much more. From health and beauty to homeware and confectionery, Mercato really does have it all!
Key attractions at Mercato include Spinneys supermarket, Vox Cinemas, Virgin Megastore and Fun City.

With a great variety of cafes and restaurants, Mercato offers an idyllic ambience for relaxed dining on the quaint cobbled streets or alfresco on the terrace. From fresh Italian and French cuisine to international menus and fast food, the choice is yours!

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Italy in Dubai

Mercato, meaning ‘market’ in Italian, is the first ever themed mall in the Middle East and UAE. Based on a distinctive Renaissance architectural concept, Mercato captures traditional Italian, French and Spanish art. It essentially portrays how a Mediterranean town looked during the European Renaissance.

One of Mercato’s most beautiful features is its grand main atrium which brings the mall to life. Made of clear glass, the stunning atrium brings a wealth of natural light and sunshine into Mercato which gives you the distinct feeling that you are in fact outdoors. As evening falls, the mall’s streets and piazzas are lit up with authentic style street lights to create the perfect setting for leisurely shopping and relaxed dining.

Mercato Shopping Mall, Dubai

The Renaissance era is highlighted in every aspect of Mercato’s colourful and detailed design. The architecture is a surreal blend of various styles and harmonising elements from different artists spanning several centuries and cities, primarily Florence, Venice and Pisa. Mercato’s design reflects a remarkably rich cultural heritage and its picturesque facade and interior inspires all visitors who walk in, irrespective of age and origin.

Every medieval Italian town during the Renaissance was built around a ‘Mercato’. In fact, people used to exchange goods and information and it gradually became the nucleus of the community. Inevitably, shops became permanent features, all facing inwards to attract maximum custom and eventually, the ‘Mercato’ developed a sense of community and family and became a place where people met for coffee and talked for hours. At sunset, the square would transform into a venue for social events, festivals and concerts.

Mercato in Dubai was built around this very same theme, with its own series of piazzas and quaint cafes to create the right ambience for spending quality time with friends and family.

Mercato’s interior was designed by renowned Italian architect, Danielle Morelli, who successfully replicated the concept of numerous squares which is the basic fundamental for the construction of any of the Mediterranean village or town.