Al Rifai

Once an ordinary man’s dream, now a name synonymous with nuts; Hajj Mohammad Al Rifai realized his vision with the simple ingredients of success, passion, honesty and dedication. Passionate about nuts, he created a recipe that has got Arabia craving for the tastiest and most scrumptious roasted nuts in the market. With a humble beginning from a small shop on Beirut Street and in keeping with a tradition that began in 1948, these salty, savory, crunchy and tangy, mixed or selected, coated or plain golden nuggets have become an essential part of our middle eastern celebration and culture. What began as a family endeavor has been nurtured into a product that reflects goodness and prosperity for every family table making it a lifestyle and a dominant ingredient in our staple diet and social standards. Today Arabia and the world fascinates over Al Rifai’s roasted nuts, coffees and confectionaries of rich flavor and aroma that transcend taste, delectable as a snack or as a garnish enriching any occasion and it all comes down to what Al Rifai stands for; Tradition, Honor and Quality. Al Rifai built their foundations on delivering unequaled quality standards. Their products stand as testimony to the taste that has crossed nations and boundaries and remains true to this date.

As the world evolves, Al Rifai too evolves and innovates in its products and services par excellence. Simply put, Al Rifai is ‘irresistible’ and is a brand that meets its commitments with a sense of pride.

Location: Ground Floor
Tel: +971 4 344 7528