Buckles & Belts

Buckles & Belts is a young Fashion Label from Switzerland. In August 2006, we opened our first shop in Basle. We offer around 80 leather belts and over 170 stylish buckles of the best Italian style and quality. Clients choose their preferred belt and buckle combination. The buckle will be attached to the belt with a unique silver finished B&B double butt on – a concept invented by B&B: Simple, practical and beautiful.
Our double button concept, an exclusive invention by B&B, allows the belts and buckles to be worn in multiple combinations. The perfect belt for every occasion. In order to get a perfectly fitted belt, your individual measurements will be taken in the shop and the belt will be cut to size with especially developed machines for B&B. There are more than 5000 combinations possible and you can also choose between different belt widths.
The original store fitting concept and layout was developed exclusively for B&B. B&B stylish accessories are available in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands & Russia.
25% discount
Location: First Floor