The fresh aroma of Cinnamon has become synonymous with all Cinnabon outlets across the globe. It’s not just the aroma but the delicious flavoUr that keeps customers coming back for more. The world’s famous Cinnamon rolls are a familiar sight in the UAE. The brand has been a huge success across nationalities and offers a glimpse of the traditional bakery system where customers can watch the baking process. The secret of the aromatic rolls lies in the freshly baked taste and the use of Makara Cinnamon, which is wonderfully strong and easily distinguishable. Drop into the first floor-food court-to enjoy a host of tasty treats. Choose from creamy sinful Cinnabons, lip-smacking Chocobons and lots more, all served hot out of the oven thanks to our half hour fresh rule. What more can we say…go ahead and “indulge.”

10% discount on regular items.
50% discount on e-packs.

Location: First Floor
Tel: +971 4 349 1223