Ka’ak Al Manara

Ka’ak Al Manara – Lebanese Canteen is the first limited menu, quick service ka’ak, salad and soup canteen in the world. Taking inspiration from the streets of Beirut, Ka’ak Al Manara menu is centered around sweet baked sesame bread known as Ka’ak, a nation-wide popular street dish of Lebanon. Ka’ak Al Manara “Traditional” ka’ak can be enjoyed with a wide variety of sweet and savory spreads, while ka’ak “Specials” are stuffed with hearty protein recipes hand-picked from favorite canteens across Beirut. And no Lebanese food can be complete without a touch from home, with daily selections of salads and soups delivered to Ka’ak Al Manara canteens straight from mom’s kitchen. If it tastes and feels like home, we know we’ve got it right.
Location: First Floor