M.A.C (Make-Up Art Cosmetics) was founded in 1984 in Toronto, Canada by makeup artist Frank Toskan and business partner, Frank Angelo, as a makeup for professionals. M.A.C’s mantra: ‘All Races, All Sexes, All Ages’ was conceived to embrace all consumers. The first M.A.C retail location opened in Toronto at the prestigious Simpsons department store (now The Bay), and in 1988 hit Fifth Avenue with its first U.S. location at Henri Bendel in New York. By 1999, globetrotting M.A.C reached over 300 locations worldwide. The company’s reputation has grown through the tradition of word-of-mouth endorsement from the makeup artists, models, photographers, and journalists around the world. M-A-C is sold in sold in over 50 countries worldwide and now has 19 locations throughout the Middle East region.

Location: Ground Floor
Tel: +971 4 344 9536