The Spirit of Dubai Perfumes

The Spirit of Dubai Perfumes is an award-winning luxury brand that embodies the marvelous city of Dubai at its pinnacle of success. Inspired by the true essence of Dubai – innovation, world-class luxury, ingenious creativity and skillful craftsmanship.
The niche perfume range includes seven unisex fragrances;
Dubai Bahar: inspired by the sea and coastline.
Dubai Rimal: is a tribute to the desert sands.
Dubai Abraj: inspired by the innovative skyline.
Dubai Meydan: translates from Arabic meaning ‘playground.’
Dubai Oud: the highly prestigious natural element is a reflection of the orient.
Dubai Majalis: a celebration of Arabic hospitality.
Dubai Fakhama: the opulence and luxury of the city.
The fragrances have been globally praised on their success to offer the world a sensory adventure of Dubai through the alluring scent of perfume. The blend of high quality natural materials creates a long lasting memorable scent. As of 2016, these fragrances are also available in the form of pure oil perfumes, bakhoor incense, ultra luxe-perfumed body lotions and elegant gift sets. Currently, 35 products have been introduced to cater to their loyal consumers.
Location: First Floor