Jumeirah Mosque, Mercato DubaiJumeirah is one of Dubai’s most prestigious areas, and even today, it continues to be the preferred address of the local and international elite.Jumeirah is a coastal residential neighbourhood mainly comprising low rise private dwellings. Divided into Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah 2 and Jumeirah 3, it is home to large detached properties and modest townhouses built in a variety of architectural styles. The area is popular with expats working in Dubai and is a popular hotspot with tourists. Jumeirah is also regarded as the Beverly Hills of Dubai.

Historically, Arabs living in Jumeirah were fishermen, pearl divers and traders. In modern times (since 1960 onwards), Jumeirah has become the prime location for western expatriate residences.

Jumeirah is home to many art and cultural centres. Popular galleries include The Miraj Islamic Art Gallery and The Dubai International Art Centre (DIAC). If you are interested in finding out more about the Muslim culture, a one hour tour of The Jumeirah Mosque, located close to Mercato, is highly recommended. Although there are approximately 560 mosques in Dubai,

The Jumeirah Mosque is the largest and most beautiful of all. Non-muslims are able to visit the mosque through The Sheikh Mohammed Centre of Cultural Understanding “Open Doors, Open Minds” Program which takes place every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 10am.

Another attraction, located close to The Jumeirah Mosque, is the UAE flag at Union Square. Atop a 120m golden pole, the massive UAE flag flutters in the wind and is visible for miles. Few are aware of the monumental role in the country’s history that was played by the humble round building below. At the base of the flagpole, upon which the world’s largest UAE flag was raised on National Day in 2001, marks the 30th anniversary of the union of the emirates, Union House.

Other popular attractions on Jumeirah Beach Road include Jumeirah Beach Park, the open beach, Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, the world famous 7 star Burj Al Arab Hotel, Wild Wadi Water Park and The Madinat Jumeirah.

Whatever you decide to do during your stay, Dubai has a great variety of attractions to keep everyone entertained.